• Braur Hydro Dam
    Braur Hydro Dam
  • Dee Tributary
    Dee Compensation Flow Weir
  • Dougas Water River Diversion
    Dougas Water River Diversion
  • Hydro Electric Main
    Weir spillway - Hydro electric project
  • Pattack 2
    Large diameter GRP pipeline
  • Pattack 4
    Pattack - Dam and pipe outlet
  • Rumbling Bridge 1
    Rumbling bridge project - Scotland

Hydro Electric and Renewables

Grant Ltd have evolved over the last several years and now specialise in the construction of new and repair of existing hydro electric schemes. These have chiefly been in the Highlands and West Coast of Scotland for clients such as RWE Innogy UK Ltd and individual land owners.

We are recognised as experienced in our field and in achieving completion on time and on budget using a variety of pipe materials.

Due to our proactive approach and our strong value engineering culture we have had enjoyed great success working with designers and clients alike on project feasibility studies and are happy to advise on the practicalities of design, working practices and materials if engaged at an early enough stage of project design development.

Pattack Hydro, Ardverikie Estate, Kinloch Laggan

Our biggest hydro project yet, completed in 2017 for Gilkes Energy this 1500mm diameter GRP pipeline stretched for 6.5 kms over undulating moorland, through rock cuttings and under the River Pattack, stretching from the shores of Loch Laggan to the Linn of Pattack where a major concrete dam was constructed. Working with TSL Contractors this was a 2 year project which is now up and running and generating successfully to its full 2 MW capacity.

Pattack Hydro
Pattack Hydro
Pattack Hydro
Pattack Hydro

Rumbling Bridge Hydro-Electric Scheme

Grant Ltd completed this community funded project in 2017 and it has been running successfully for over 12 months. It was a complex build with pipeline running in a deep excavation along a former railway cutting and passing under the A823 in the village where it crossed three 18” water mains, before passing down a steep bank to the underground powerhouse. Despite these difficult conditions it was completed on time.

Tulliemet HEP, Kindallachan, Pitlochry

Atholl Estates engaged Grant Ltd as main contractor to construct this 250kW private scheme. Working with experienced project manager Dulas Ltd. The architect designed powerhouse is a reinforced concrete structure with roof mounted forced ventilation canopy with rolled zinc covered roof. The scheme has a 750m welded HDPE 450 mm dia pipe taking water from a conventional weir dam with Coanda screen intake.

Scandale HEP, Ambleside, Cumbria

Completed in November 2015. The powerhouse is now complete and the turbine generating at full capacity.

Rydal, Cumbria

The Rydal Project  the largest hydro scheme in England. Grant Ltd have partnered with long established Cumbrian contractor Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd to deliver this replacement hydro scheme for Ellergreen Hydro at Rydal Hall. Challenging access and ground conditions were overcome and the project is now complete and generating.

Bruar Hydro-Electric Scheme – Pitlochry, Perthshire

1.65MW Hydro - Electric Scheme with 4.5km of 1400mm dia and 1300mm dia GRP pipeline over open hill. Pipes were laid on a stone bed and surround using 20,000 tonnes of site won material processed on site. Pipe laying was completed in December 2014 and the scheme commissioned in May 2015.

Allt Chonais Hydro Electric Scheme - Achnasheen, Wester Ross

2.0 MW scheme for Chonais Hydro Ltd with 2 km of 1000 dia ductile iron and PE penstock works. In addition some 685 m was installed by directional drilling. Our works also included; access track upgrades, burn diversion and temporary works, forming a large launch pit and hardstanding for the directional drilling team. The scheme is now complete and generating.

Braevallich 2 – Inverary, Argyllshire

Grant Ltd were on site again at Braevallich, this time as sub contractor to repair another breach in the penstock originally installed by another contractor. Working with Global Infrastructure for RWE npower, we are replacing 250m of 900 mm diameter grp pipe with new ductile iron. In addition to the usual swabbing and testing, CCTV surveys are being carried out of additional sections.

100KW Boor Hydro-Electric Scheme – Poolewe, NW Highlands

Engaged as main contractor by private client Boor Hydro Ltd, Grant Ltd successfully completed the intake, penstock and power house for this medium sized scheme in Wester Ross. Some 650m of 560mm dia HPPE penstock pipework was installed from a single intake, to a power house adjacent the highway. Project period 16 weeks. Gilkes of Kendal installed the turbine and the generator has been running at design capacity since it was first switched on.

Gelder Burn Hydro-Electric Scheme, Balmoral, Aberdeenshire

A new for old replacement scheme together with a new compensation weir with fish pass. Followed by the main weir and new turbine house and penstock. The scheme includes 2.5 km of underground HV cable connection.

Douglas Water 3 Megawatt Hydro-Electric Scheme - Argyllshire

Grant ltd completed a 3.5km design and build ductile iron pipeline. Careful planning of the route meant there were only 8 bends required over what was mountainous, rocky terrain.

Carnoch 1.4 Megawatt Hydro-Electric Scheme – Strontain, North West Highlands

Grant ltd installed 350m of ductile iron and 1400m of PE pipeline on time and on budget, and passed pressure test first time. The terrain was extremely steep and boggy and required excavators to be held with winches on the steeper slopes.

River E 3 Megawatt Hydro-Electric Scheme – North West Highlands

3 Megawatt Scheme consisting of 4.2 km of 825mm GRP pipeline, tested to 35 bar, on time and on budget.

Bravallich Hydro-Electric Scheme – Inverary Argyllshire

RWE Npower Renewables Ltd had experienced a problem with this recently installed scheme and there was a major pipeline burst causing a shut down of the generators. Grant Ltd were called in as a main contractor to advise on the method of repair, assist the designers, carry out the repairs and test the remainder including CCTV survey.

The project was successfully completed within the target time allocated.

Foyers Falls, Fort Augustus – North West Highlands

Foyers Falls on the southern edge of Loch Ness was a major repair project carried out for Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) under main contractor Morgan Sindall.