• BEW1
    Bulk Earthworks and Piling
  • BEW2
    Breaking rock during a bulk earthworks project
  • BEW3
    Leveling and rolling after bulk earthworks are completed
  • BEW4
    Breaking rock ready for bulk earthworks
  • Breaking Rock
    Breaking rock in the highlands
  • GH7
    Cut and fill works Cumbria
  • River Diversion
    25T Dumper truck being loaded during river diversion works

Bulk Earthworks

Grant Ltd have a large and varied selection of high quality earth moving equipment and other support equipment available for use at any time or location.

Using the newest 3D modelling programmes we can offer up to the minute control of all plant to ensure all earth moving operations are carried out as efficiently as possible

Examples of Previous Earthwork Projects

  • 195,000m3 - Main contractor to Lyon Leisure. Landscape earthworks to former lime stone quarry to form plateaus for the development of 172 holiday lodges. 2012-15
  • 95,000m3 - Subbing to Thomas Armstrong, Project, new distribution centre for ‘Lakeland’ in Kendal 2013. 40,000m3 of excavation, 40,000m3 of landscape bund creation. Imported 15,000m3.
  • 156,000m3 - Main contractor to Rumbling Bridge Community, Excavation of a rail way cutting to storage area. Subsequent reinstatement. 2016.
  • 26,000m3 - Main Contractor to Lyon Leisure in 2011, Cut and fill muck shift to give zero balance for off site or import. North Lakes Business Park.      
  • 8000m3 - Subbing to Thomas Armstrong, Project, Penrith New Squares, Storm Water attention tank underground. 2011
  • 10,000m3 - New launch pad for tunnelling rig. Client Green Highland Ltd, cut and fill rock excavation, 2011
  • 15,000m3 - Excavation of rock for twin circular tanks, 22m dia. Client, Scottish Water, Location, John O’Groats, Wick 2011.